Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thank you's and a lesson learned!

First is the good news.... I have 30 followers!  I thank each and every one of you for that gift as it does mean the world to me!

OK so here is a lesson learned that I still probably won't remember and make the same mistake again and again and again!  I think I am a nice person and I try to make everyone I come in contact with feel special and part of my world but.... I may be offering too much information about myself and either scare people away or they think it has to be fake!  Part of the problem is that I am a generally happy stay at home mom with little contact with others either because there just never seems to be enough time in the day.  So when i am able to have adult time and conversation I can get too talky!  If I have offended anyone or scared any one away I am sorry although if I have they wont read this anyway and others don't even know I blog so I guess this is just me getting it off my chest!



  1. Talk away talkie mctalkerator~ I have pointy ears and I'm pretty sure they serve as antennae so that I can hear all the words everywhere all the time. Squee! I snag your Rings and Things button? I like it much mo better than the one they sent because that one gotz all fuzzy when I enlarged it. :D

    K, thanks!

  2. No worries - and I feel the same way :-)

  3. I don't think you chat too much, tell us enough about yourself that we all feel like you are a close friend :-) I'm sure I speak for many of your followers (friends) on that one. If you're getting more followers, you gotta be doing something right...right?! ;-)

    And being a stay-at-home mum myself, I know all too well that feeling of not enough adult interaction. I'm terrified that one morning I'll wake up and only be able to talk in toddler-speak *eep* B. -xo-

  4. I am the same, not much face-to-face and lots of love of writing/chatting. But that's me! So, be you!

  5. Did someone leave a comment for you to make you feel this way? I have to agree with everyone else - I love reading your blog and none of your posts have ever made me feel uncomfortable.

    Keep smiling!


  6. Wordy, long winded, too much to say, did you take a breath yet, yap yap yap, these are just a few of the things my good friends and family have said to me. Believe me you are NOT the above. LOL You are perfect in what and how you say things and I love you for it.

  7. I do not think, no, I KNOW it is not possible for you to offend someone. You are good through and through and your intentions are nothing but kindness.

    Has someone said something to you? Sometimes I feel this way and have gotten hurt confiding in someone who does not care. It is hard to remain open in the face of indifference.

    Big warm hugs to you.


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