Friday, October 29, 2010

Wherin I out myself...

OUT #1
So my dear bloggy friends I need to tell you that after all the compliments on my bead tray and how organized it is I did straighten it out a bit this is what it normally looks like...

The pretty part on the left is what was supposed to be my Margie and Me entry this round but I have had to take it apart once already and now a bead has broken so we are on to yet another redo.  This will not make the deadline but I will finish it because guess has a pretty shirt waiting for it (I know you are all so surprised by that revelation)LOL

These are ceramic cabs Shelby made and I think they are cool.  They are a little thick but the patterning is so unique that I will try to find a way to bead them.  (I think a couple of them are for someone else though)
Not bad for a first try Huh?

OUT #2
OK I have said to all of you that I am a newbie to the beading world but that is a lie!  I should say I am new to the jewelry aspect of it because as I was getting my decor changed over for Halloween (which was a couple weeks ago.  Yeah I know what took me so long to mention it?)  I need to confess that I even decorate my fridge!  These are beaded cross stitch kits from Mill Hill and I have them for every season (the most is for Halloween and autumn) So I have been beading for many years.  Can you all forgive me?

OUT #3
I will be (OK Kristen breathe) 42 this month, there I said it!  So here is a picture of an early birthday gift from my sweet hubby. 



Do you see my pretty new curtains.  I love them they just complete my living room.  It has been growing up over the last couple of years with all matching tables and entertainment center, then the beautiful leather furniture (Derek calls them robot furniture because they all have motorized recliners) and now the pretty chocolate curtains.
There I have outed myself as much as I feel I can at this point.  (I may surprise you again sometime...who knows)

I will now leave you with a couple of pretty autumn pics that I just love!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Ok, I guess we can forgive you, LOL! Mainly because your beading tray still looks way more organized than my craft desk! The new curtains make your already beautiful living room shine!
    Have a wonderful weekend & a Happy Birthday!

  2. I love that you are "outing" yourself! hahah! The cabs are so neat - I'm sure they will be part of a very cool piece. And I'm laughing about the turning 42... I just turned 41 a couple months ago and I've been so consumed with the fact that I'll be 42 next, that I think I'm 42. LOL! My husband just heard me tell someone I was 42 and he was like, wait, you're not 42 yet, you just turned 41! LOL! And finally - that must be Derek in that great photo with the pumpkin! He looks so happy. Have a great weekend & Halloween!

  3. Yes Amy I did 'out' but only a little as too much could scare you all away! Yes that is my sweet Derek I am very lucky!

  4. I love your house!!! And it is sooooo clean. LOL


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