Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Chaos and a Challenge

I have been fighting a cold and I think at this point it is winning but I thought just in case anyone missed me I would give you a look as what my bead tray looks like right now
I never seem to be able to stick with one project at a time!  I think that is pretty obvious!  Some of what is there is waiting until I can restock some of my stash and others are just starts and restarts.  There is however a sneak peak at some beads for a friend and a piece for my Color Challenge.
I am participating in Erin's Challenge of Color Blog Hop and this the paint chip card she sent me.  I actually challenged her to start as I am on what she labeled as a bead diet.  I sent her this pic of my stash and said if she could make anything out of it I would participate.  (I wasn't sure she could but if you know her you know she can make gorgeous out of chaos!)
So I don't know if anyone can see my start but if you do tell me what you think because as usual for me now I seemed to have pulled it out of my...... oh yeah beady brain that's it!

Ok so now I need to go hack up a lung so I wish you all a great week and I swear I will get to all of your bloggy goodness when I am better!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I can never make anything worth a darn when I'm not feeling well.

  2. Feel better soon -- it's the pits to feel lousy.

    I'm participating in that challenge as well -- need to start (um, how about TODAY, Lori?)

  3. Dear sweet Kristen I hope you will be feeling better today! Big huggs from Janet down yonder @ Singingwoods! oxo

  4. Hope you feel better soon Kristen! Your bead mat looks a wee bit like mine - I've got a little box of UFBO's (unfinished beady objects) now which I have vowed to complete before Christmas... We'll see :)
    Laura x


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