Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have 52 followers! Really Wow

It is a very busy weekend here but I thought I would take a few moments to post.  (OK probably more than a few I have a lot to say and show if you dare to continue!)

First WOW I have 52 followers that is so incredible that you all think I am cool enough to follow.  I thank you so much.  I would so like to have a giveaway but.....I got nothing I can part with at the moment that would totally blow you all away and make you jump through hoops to get.  Humm that would be interesting to see though so maybe I will save that for 100 followers (if I ever get that many....better make it 75!)  Anyway all I can give at this point is my unending gratitude and heartfelt "Thank You's" to you all who visit and those who are able to take the time to comment your support means so much to me there are no words to cover it!

Hey guess what I finished two bracelets for the auction so with out further ado I introduce you to.......
Winter Sparkle  
(sorry about the blueness of the picture I am still trying to master this picture taking thing)
 Here is what the components looked like up close
This is adapted from the pattern "Compass Rose" in the Oct/Nov issue of Beadwork.  I say adapted because I did not have the correct size of Czech rounds so I needed to do a little add lib of my own.  I really liked the way Laina Goodman laid this pattern out and it created the most beautiful wintry snowflakes. I think I would like to try this one in other color combos too. Shelby is very upset that I am sending this to auction but we are required to raise a certain amount of money so it's going (Shhhh don't tell her I have enough beads to make another one)

And Here's Wreaths and Berries
I love this one so much it is made using another adaptation of a pattern in the Apr/May issue called Floral Wreaths by Amy Haftkowycz.  When I first saw this pattern it was instant love!  I searched and searched for the perfect beads to make a match but the ones I found were either too expensive or not quite the combo I was going for.  In steps these gorgeous Ruby AB rounds and olive seeds oh and lets not forget the berry beads that I had when I first started collecting beads.  In fact I am so in love with this bracelet (and I do not have any more of these limited edition rounds) I am so keeping it!!!!!!!
Amy's directions were so clear and although I did not embellish to the fullest I really don't think it took anything away from the yumminess of it!

So in steps Raspberry Twist to take its place at the auction!
While I also love this bracelet I made it a little too snug for my not so small wrist so I feel it should go to someone who can enjoy it and make a little money for the school to boot!  

Some of you know that yesterday was my birthday so I have to show off these gorgeous yummies that Shelby made for me.
There is a little story behind this so let me enlighten you.  I love Barbara Bechtel's shop Floridity and tried to win what she called ugly owls but I didn't.  Shelby was going to get me a set but saving for college is first priority so she got creative.  My sweet daughter has been working with polymer clay and decided to take a chance and make some for me.  This apparently was not easy but with Barbara's inspiration she came out with these!  Aren't I the luckiest Mom in the world!  Derek got me more fireline and my sweet hubby gave me one of the books I wanted.  I am so spoiled!

OK so I have run out of time but I want to tell you that I have signed up for Erin's Color Challenge and I will post my color palette next time.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Well, Happy Birthday!!
    Congratulations on your growing following.
    And yes, you ARE a lucky mom and I love your lucky owls.
    Great Post.

  2. Congrats on the followers! I bet you will have 100 in no time. Love the bracelets!

  3. Happy belated birthday, my friend! I'm so happy to know that you were just a little bit sweet is Shelby to make those gorgeous little owls for you. I know you will create something very special with them! I love your auction bracelets, and I can totally understand why you are keeping your Wreaths and Berries bracelet...yummy! :-)

  4. Bracelets are spectacular! Winter Sparkle is awesome, so is Wreaths and Berries and Raspberry Twist - You go girl!
    Those owls are fantastic - you have an awesome daughter! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday!
    Hugs girlie!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got everything you needed - and I think the thoughtful gift from Shelby is pretty great. Beautiful bracelets!

  6. Beautiful bracelets!!! And many-many congrats from me!

  7. Beautiful Bracelets Kristen. And Happy Birthday!

  8. I love both of the bracelets! I love how you made the Floral wreath with holiday colors and the snowflake one would make a lovely wedding piece too, methinks!

    Shelby did an AWESOME job on the owls and is that a little coffee bean I see there on the bottom as well?? Great job Shelby!

    How awesome is it when someone makes you something they know you want!?

  9. Happy Belated Birthday--and you are a lucky girl! I am sure your beautiful bracelets will raise lots of money!

  10. Oh Barb you are the only one who saw that cute little coffee bean! I love that and of course I love coffee so she surprised me yet again! She was so happy with your comment on this you have no idea! Thanks for inspiring a new artist in the making!

    Lori, Olga and Amy thanks for the birthday wishes too!


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