Thursday, January 13, 2011

BTW...OOPS its Thursday!

I know, I know its Thursday and this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday!  What can I say meeting deadlines is not one of my strongest qualities.  And before I show my bead table I am going to remind all of you that organization is a necessary evil with my sweet Derek around so "Don't hate me because I am Organized"  is my qualifying statement.

I only have two projects on the tray right know because just before Christmas my sweet hubby was vacuuming and got a little too close to my bead tray guessed it he sucked up an almost completed bracelet!  The problem with that is well you know fireline is strong well apparently it is so strong that it wraps around the brushes and snaps all the beads in half.  I really liked the bracelet and it was my first time using charlottes and now (sighing) they went to bead heaven along with some amazing champagne colored drop beads.

Ok so lets take a look at these projects!  Remember my friend Amy over at Spyder Jewels sent me this magazine for inspiration....

She loves my bracelets and wanted to give me some more inspiration and boy did she!  While flipping through it (and loving all the eyecandy from before I began beading) I came across a Dulcey Heller pattern called "Grommets Galore"  OHHH I so have a funky side and I do love finding cool stuff at the hardware store (see this one) and I did so love her pattern but as I started it I got a creative strike and I went with it.  So here is what I bought at Lowe's and then what I made with them....

I love these!  They are perfect for a little funky touch and yet I do think there is a little elegance to them (but no one ever accused me of being a fashion maven!)  So Carol this is what I did with them!!!  I know I am such a tease but was it worth it?

This is my other project and I had so much fun making the elements but I am having trouble with pulling it all together my way.  Also there is that pesky bead diet to contend with.....

I found this pattern through the Bead Pattern-book blog but how I got there I have no idea!  This pattern is called "Capture" by Mu.  I think it is in french but her diagrams were fantastic!  I just need to find something to spark up the centers.

Well that's it for today!  I hope all is well with everyone and I ask that you keep "Queensland" in your prayers, thoughts or wishes that they will be safe during all this terrible flooding!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Beautiful Kristen. Love what you did with the grommets! ..My first reaction was your husband sucking up the bracelet--My second reaction..OMG her husband runs the vacuum.....That does NOT happen here. I have thought about covering the word Dyson with a DEWALT sticker to fool him into thinking it's a power tool. Anyway! Your pieces are beautiful! I am sure they will all come together beautifully!

  2. Hey and good morning to you. I love working with unconventional pieces and making them beautiful. I think I told you before, other than a bead store my favorite store is the hardware store. LOL
    Great job love it.

  3. The pieces are awesome! I really like what you did with the grommets, sweet! That literally sucks about what your husband did with the vacuum, though it was nice of him to vacuum! Love the little fingers in the photos :)

  4. I work for a publishing company so deadlines are what we live by around here. One time a client, when presented with an imminent deadline, intoned, "Deadline, schmedline!" with an appropriate little pffftt after it! That has become a standing joke. I am HORRIBLE with meeting deadlines early. If you give me a date you can be sure that will leave it until the last possible second before starting. Thankfully, I usually get it done but not without a lot of cussing! I just found out that my husband has been vacuuming the floor in my studio... hmmm... that would explain why there weren't that many beads on the floor. Now I know I need to pick them up as soon as they roll away, but the color of the floor hides them all so well!
    I got my BTW in late last night too!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Oh no! But, do you Really want him to stop vacuuming?

    Those pieces are awesome! I'm going to have to wander around the home improvement stores a little more next time I am there!


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