Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Ate my Saturday!

Yes I made the jump.  If I didn't have enough trouble navigating through Blogger and The Hive and trying to keep up with all the updates from my friends I know have a Facebook account.  The time sucking that it has is amazing for instance, Friday I got my hair cut (actually fixed after 6months of trying to grow out the hack job I received the last time) at a new salon here in town.  I totally got so caught up in Facebook that when I went to take a shower I had totally forgotten about it and thought something was wrong when I started to wash my hair!  OMG!  So for all of you who don't know what I am talking about if you decide to set up an account be prepared for a few hours of playing around your first day at least.  I will say that it's awesome to connect with beady friends that do not have a blog and see all the gorgeous work that bead designers have out there.  Oh and one other plus is that I can see if anyone is tattling on me when I write a post about my favorite designers...Ahem Jennifer!

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response I received for my New Feature idea.  Shelby is insistent that I not listen to you because you are all very very bad influences.  I have decided that I may or may not attempt this again but that I will be adding to my pattern reviews a "how tipsy should can you be" rating.  I think that is only fair and that way I won't be wasting good bead $ on booze!

So on to Sunday.  With yet again all the bad influence out there in the blogging world I decided to venture into this area.  ORGANIZATION!  Argh.  And while I did not get very good shots of the mess I do have before and after pictures.  So this is how I blew about 3 hours on Sunday.  With the help of some pretty curious and sticky fingers I might add.

Ain't he just tooo cute?

Waving to my blog friends!

This is all by bead stash!  Except the bottom drawer of the white file.
I did get to Lowe's and found some cool findings that I have an idea for but haven't taken pictures yet. 

Hugs and Blessings

Coming soon from the Tipsy Beader......No drinking but there was a little Wine involved.


  1. Kristen - your son IS too cute! :) It feels good to organize, doesn't it!? Facebook can easily eat up time...part of my actual job right now, is handling social media, so I spend a bit of work time on is a fine line though of how much is work and not! Happy Monday from one of your bad influences ;0 (lol!)

  2. Your son is adorable! I'll bet he was a good helper, lol! Findings from Lowe's? I can't wait to see them!

  3. Ahh, facebook. I am hooked on a game there, but I try to limit my time there. If I were in "the business" I'd spend lots of time there though. I do know it really helps sales.

    This Lowes teaser was a dirty trick! Spill it!

  4. Your son is a real cutie pie. Maybe after you two have gotten your craft stash organized you can come over and straighten up mine. :) please???

    Facebook has been known to eat more than just a Saturday ... some people claim it has taken over their lives ... uh, just a sec, got a facebook message; "Ilyas Khan wants to be friends with you on Facebook". Er, ah, gotta go, bye !

  5. Derek is just too cute. You know how I feel about FB. I just don't have time for it. Now did I read your caption right. That is all of your beady stash??? If so OMG girl you need more beads. LOL


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