Friday, April 15, 2011

Treasures beyond Measure

I have started this post 3 times and I am still not sure how to proceed.  I love love love surprises even when I know something is coming there always seems to be a bonus included that takes me totally off guard and I have been known to crumble into happy tears.  In this day and economic age I have found it somewhat difficult to acquire the beady goodness that is out there.  I mean Shelby really does need to go to college.  As you have seen before I have been lucky enough to enjoy a swap with a great friend.  (Really check out the link because they are on my tray waiting for the perfect inspiration to smack me in the head and they are so pretty they are well worth a second look!)  Well as you saw Beth surprised me with the most gorgeous of her bowls (which I might add is on my end table so I am able to look at it every day!)as a belated birthday present and like I said as I opened the package I was reduced to happy tears at the generosity and sweetness of her gift and friendship.
Well it has happened again.  Actually before Beth and I decided to swap I had been also drooling over admiring the gorgeous work of Shannon @ Missficklemedia and through some fun e-mails (and let me tell you she is so incredibly sweet and supportive) and discovery that she loves beaded beads but doesn't want to make them herself (lucky me!) we decided a swap was in order.  Now those of you who follow Shannon know that she and her family have been through some really rough and scary times in this last year and of course the swap was put aside as her focus needed to be on her family.  No problem for me I had no problem holding on and sending her all the good thoughts I could.  I had a blast making beads for her and the have been waiting for just the right time.  Okay you also know that her family is taking a new step and moving to Florida but she contacted me and said she was sending out a package on the last shipping day before her big move.  Really she was thinking about me with all this going on?  I told you she was sweet!  The part of the e-mail that made me laugh was that she asked if she could still have what I made for her and that it was up to me.  Well DUH!  They are hers!  But as I thought about it further it hit me that she somehow thought because it had been so long and wasn't entirely sure I would like what she was sending that I should have the opportunity to bow out.  Well Horton says this best for me "I said what I meant and I meant what I said"  I am loyal 100%!   
Well my package came and as I opened it I was filled with the feeling of being loved by another friend.  The pictures I know share with you are treasure beyond measure.  I have really come to believe that in this beady blogging world we are so blessed that so many create with passion and love that each package from a bead/jewelry designer is treasure beyond measure for each one is unique and possesses a bit of them and that connection is priceless.
Oh I think she takes the cake!
Can you tell I went directly to stash.  That is saffron chain and clasp she made to match those flower beads I had told her about.  And as for those links!  Oh you should all be sooo jealous!  They are stunning!  Now I am so in with fans of her work!
Reduced to happy tears when I opened this!  I was so excited because not only is it gorgeous and all mine I have been wanting to make a bracelet in this color combo!  Way to go girl (I did almost wear it to bed BTW)

I am waiting to send her package as she is right now traveling to her new home and I think she is getting a surprise too.  I should tell you that I even changed my clothes so that I was able to wear it yesterday to Derek's Easter Party at school.  I had one woman even stop me and tell me how gorgeous this was, so of course she got the shorter version of where it came from.  LOL!  I should tell you too that I think she was cleaning out her stock of beady goodies before the move and sent me gorgeous seed beads too! 
This is yet another gift of love and friendship that I will cherish forever, yeah I know I am such a sap!

Hugs and Love


  1. Isn't that the nicest thing? I love to get surprises and beady surprises are the best kind. Shannon is incredibly gifted and giving at the same time. I love that girl. So glad that you were the recipient of some well-timed surprises! Enjoy the day!

  2. You know, Kristen, that good things come to good people ;)! So, enjoy your wonderful gift, as I'm sure Shannon will enjoy hers!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. Oh what a wonderful surprise! And beads in the mail is one of the best surprises you can get! Love the necklace...are the green beads stones? I'd love to see the bracelet you'll make to match.

  4. Gorgeous and I'll bet you will cherish it all. It love those kind of surprises!

  5. Shannon is the bomb! You are right she is the nicest person! I love the goodies you received from her and I can't wait to see what you create!

  6. Kristen, I agree with you 100%! The awesomeness of this beady-bloggy world is incredible, isn't it? I've had my own wonderful experiences with Shannon, she's so sweet and such a great person....

  7. That's so lovely :) I love that you had to change your outfit just so you could wear it - that's exactly what I would have done too!


  8. There is no question that this blog world of ours is filled to the brim with generous people--generous with thoughts and support as well! Doing a happy dance for the wonderful surprises you received!

  9. WE are all so blessed to have this blog world to find new friends & met wonderful people who make our day sunny & worth living. Fabulous gifts.


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