Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beading Babes Reveal

So I may have missed my marks totally on these two projects but sometimes that is just how I roll.  LOL  

First we tackled another Carol Ohl project.  Earthly Hues from the August/September issue of Beadwork.  I loved this project from the beginning so I knew I had filed it somewhere.  That was the first issue.  Where is somewhere?  With a bit of help the pattern was located and now to start gathering supplies.   Well you know I can not make anything easy on myself so here comes the story.  I had 4mm cubes and I had 2mm cubes.  If I go with the 4mm I would not have enough and where the heck were the 10mm rounds I thought I had?  Frantic searching in the hallway putting beads in piles of colors.  No luck.  Scrap that idea.  2mm cubes would so work but the colors were either blue or pink.  Now to search for the 8mm to match.  Well you wouldn't know it from my color challenge in the previous post but I tend to stay away from pink.  Really I do.  So where will inspiration strike.  Hummmmmmmm.....Well it struck in the form of an orphan bracelet I made back in September.  You can read about it here

So with that in mind you know I changed up the beads to fit my own unique style.  I have always said that I follow patterns well and that is still very true when doing reviews but when I am just playing I like to throw in a bit of well me.  So in my version of Earthly Hues (which is still earthy but on the ocean side) I used 8mm round crystals, 2mm cubes, drops, and 11 and 8 seeds.  I really enjoyed making this one once I got the rhythm going but when it came to making the pendent...yep another issue.  I couldn't get the cubes and the 8mm beads to sit like the picture.  After about 6 attempts I knew it was a total no go.  What to do?  Set it aside til something sparks.  And spark it did.  I had been keeping this little turtle because he was just too cute.  He called to me and said "pick me I have all the right colors".  Now you know the beads talk to you too so don't look at me like I'm the crazy one.  Anyway here is what I have decided to call "Turtle's Paradise"

I really do like this one so much even though it is way off the pattern path.

On to project 2.  Sleek in Silver by Hatsumi Oshitani in the October/November issue of Beadwork.  Well honestly I thought I was out of making this project because frankly I am still on a tight bead budget and those sweet tila's in this one seemed so out of my reach.  Well thanks to Kelli Burns of the Hole Bead Shoppe Blog and her really cool Friday Trivia game I won a $25 gift certificate to her shop!!!!!!!!  I raced over and saw she had those sweet tilas!!!  Win and of course I picked a few extras for my stash!  And you know what they came on my birthday!!!!!! Beads on my birthday!  (do you see the happy dance?)  I knew exactly what I wanted to use in this one and so without further ado (because you all know I can "ado" for so much longer)  Here is Spike Silver.

and doesn't it so match my Delightful Daggers bracelet?

So now I have to cut this post short as I just received a call from my son's doctor.  He has strep AGAIN!!!!!  OMG he has had it since October 21st and I am so glad and nervous that he is getting his tonsils and adenoids out on the 15th!  I hope this post finds you all a little less crazy than I am right now!
Don't forget to pop over to Karyn's Blog to check out the rest of the Beading Babe's versions of these two awesome projects
Hugs and Blessings


  1. I love what you did with both patterns, Kristen! I only did Sleek in Silver. I'll get to Earthly Hues some day!
    Good luck with your son.

  2. They look great! It's so inspiring to see what designs look like with new colorways. These are great!

  3. Kristen, I love what you did with the projects we were given to do. The first necklace is amazing and the little turtle is perfect for the pendant on the necklace. You stepped way out of the design box on that one great job. The second necklace is no less beautiful great color choice and it does go well with the bracelet.

  4. Those are just gorgeous. I love the adaptation of Earthly Hues. The color choice you used for Sleek in Silver is awesome.

  5. Kristen! I had the SAME problem with the Earthly Hues pendant!!! SAME!!! But anyway - these pieces are simply gorgeous. I love the oceany Earthly Hues. The colors for Sleek in Silver are beautiful - and I love what you did with the dagger bracelet!

  6. Nice work geting both pieces done Kristen. I love your version of Earthly Hues - that little turtle is just adorable - your piece has a real ocean feel to it which is completely different to the actual piece which is fantastic!

    I also love your Sleek in Silver - the colour combination is just beautiful.

    Well done! Thanks again for joining Beading Babes and I look forward to seeing you in Project 3!


  7. Lovely work Kristen! I really like the turtle pendant! *jealous* My friend and I have a 'turtle' joke going on for the past two years.. we will randomly just text 'turtle' to each other out of the blue! lol
    I love how you think outside the pattern but still make it happen! I'm still learning this process, I usually have to make the pattern, and then adapt it, it's my OCD thing lol

  8. Both creations are amazing and each one so different. Love them both and think the colors and the beads in Turtle Paradise is to die-for-gorgeous !

    Hope your son is feeling better and is getting over that nasty strep infection. I know the tonsillectomy will make him a bit uncomfortable for awhile but once he has recovered he should not have as many sore throats. I also realize that you will be nervous until the procedure is over and he is well on his way to recovering My prayers and best wishes are with you.

  9. WOW! Maybe worry is good for your beading!! You've been so productive and made such gorgeous pieces. I love them all. Congratulations, my friend. You're so talented! (Oh, and I won Kelli's weekly drawing one week, too -- love it!)

  10. Hi Kristin,

    Would you please contact me? It's in regards to Beadwork magazine. My contact info is on my website:



  11. Hey girlie!
    Thanks for stopping by the other day. I hope you'll make it a goal of yours to submit a design this year. I know it's challenging, but you're getting better and better and I'd love to see one of your original creations in print. Good luck!

  12. as always your pieces are amazing. I love daggers, and buy them all the time, but have yet to make anything with them. Lacking the courage I guess to jump in and give it a try :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Happy new year my friend!


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