Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yes I am still a blogger if you all still want me!

Happy New Year my dear friends and followers (if any of you still follow after the forced hiatus I took).  First I will give all of you that just like the eye candy a picture of my last set of 2010.

This was a great pattern from the December Bead and Button Magazine.  I loved it so much I did a variation of the stitch for the bracelet.  As you can see I did use czech seed beads in a permanent finish and it gives it the look of spun silver.  
For those of you who will read further I will give you a few options for what could come in the next few posts.

1.  The reason I had to take my long hiatus including the following,
a.  Derek's strep throat and following surgery (he is so much better now)
b. The fun development of panic attacks (WTF really?)

2.  Two spectacular pattern reviews that includes,
a. Why I have a love hate relationship with my hubby's vacuum.  (Yes ladies he is the one who vacuums!)
b. Why one of these pieces may not make it to my friend until summer.
c. Why you can never have enough rivolis!
d. And all of the fun stuff in between.

3.  A tipsy beading post gone totally wrong including,
a. Why you should never plan a tipsy beading post.
b. Why it is always best to go with the middle of what you are looking at.
c. Why I couldn't continue the mimosa tradition (Really isn't the Rose Parade supposed to be on New Year's?)

So what is your vote?

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Your too funny. I'd vote for all of them :) We all disappear from time to time. Glad your back!



  2. ooops...You're..not Your... I always do that!

  3. I vote for all of the above, too! Nice to see you back here, Kristen! Happy New Year!

  4. Glad you're back, Kristen! Like all above - I'll vote "yes!" for everything!

  5. Welcome back Kristen! As LissC notes, we all disappear upon occasion, but it's good to hear from you again!

    I'm all for tipsy posts. Too bad I just fall asleep when I tipple. :). Happy New Year!

  6. Hello:-)
    Glad,You're back!People disappear sometimes.Look,I also have disappeared and now I am back,with an entirely new blog,starting almost from the beginning-only with beading,with no other additions:-)
    New place of my stay,new life,new blog-I do hope-peaceful and fine.
    You have showed a very beautiful and elegant pearl necklace.I like the design very much.
    HUgs and Greets from Sweden-

  7. Glad you're back in bloggerland! And Happy New Year! I disappeared once or twice this year, too. The beaded set is awesome.

  8. You're a crack-up Kristen! Happy New Year!!!! Of course it is, as always, wonderful to see a post from you pop up on my reader!!! ;)

  9. Also - those pieces are awesome!!!!

  10. Welcome back and happy new year!

  11. Csodálatos a szett !!!

  12. Love those projects, Kristen!! And, Happy New Year. I hope your year is peaceful and blessed. And, it's great to have you back!

  13. Happy New Year girly! You crack me up! BTW, this was your last necklace of 2011 (not 2010) or maybe you were just sandbagging it for the last 365 days... I don't know, but I love it!

    Today is a chill in the jammies watch the Rose Bowl and enjoy the Mr. being off work kind of day in my house!

    Hope this year is drama free for you!

  14. I vote for any and all of your posts that are filled with beautiful beading, humor, and whatever you want to share at any given time. Love them all! Happy New Year!

  15. You funny woman! I still wanna see the tipsy project!


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