Sunday, April 1, 2012

Iam a Suburban Girl!

Yes I am "A Suburban Girl!"  I was selected by Diana to be a part of the Suburban Girl Studio Design Team.  How utterly cool is that?  Well.......if you are me then it is awesome and totally terrifying at the same time.  Now being that this is April Fool's Day I was thinking I could play some kind of trick but alas I am not that quick witted.  Although there is a totally distinct possibility that Diana will take one look at this and think it is a total joke.  Seriously I had a nightmare that she wanted her bead back after she saw what I did with it. 

Okay I have to tell you that I totally forgot to take picture of the beads (yep there were two) Diana sent.  I received one of these gorgeous pendants

and a beautiful lampwork bead by Jan at Molten Mayhem. So.....from the moment I saw this gorgeous flower my mind started working.  I keeps seeing ruffles.  Yes I said it girly frilly ruffles.  Yeah I am not so much into them but drawing inspiration from Jill Devon's "klimet's collar"in the Feb/Mar issue of Beadwork and Marina Nadke's Ruffled Rings in the Peyote Stitch workshop by Bead and Button.  I set off to adapt them for my needs and style.  Oh Oh there was an extreme amount of froggy know rip-it rip-it. AND I had to work on my tension and for those of you who have been reading for a while KNOW that this is a major issue for me.  Well let me tell you for the first time I also had to totally overcome my ADD and work on this for the last two weeks.  You know I love orange and all the blends of it's goodness but I have to say this was a very hard orange to match.  I even had to order some (which caused a totally delay in creating) BUT  Here is where I blame this all on DAWN!  Yes it is all her fault!  I was going wayyyyyy out of my normal and creating a more "artsy" piece than I ever have.  She said I could do it.  I checked with Nancy too and she gave me tips I needed to move forward and of course Shirley was there with the oohhhh's and ahhhhs when I needed it!  Thanks Girls because of you I went with it and now I present you all with .........

Coral Anemone

This is a close up of Jan's bead.  I love love the funky touch it adds!
This is my favorite!!!!!!
Last night I sent Dawn all my pictures because of all the support and she rocked me by editing them all!  Now everyone I expect (as always) brutal honesty.
Thank you so much Diana and Jan!  I really love being a part of this team!

Please check out every one's take on this awesome beady combo!  I can not wait to see them all!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Heavens! Wow! My goodness! I am at a loss for words! THose ruffles are intense! What insane amounts of work! Fabulous. Wait til you see mine - we couldn't be more different! Love this team! (Nice to 'meet' you!)

  2. Beautiful beadwork. The ruffles are amazing. I'm so glad you kept at it. The result is wonderful.

  3. How stunning! Your incredible bead work amazes the daylights out of me - seriously! The ruffles are perfect and I can just feel this necklace laying ever so softly on my neck - smooth and comfortable. Just gorgeous!

  4. Holy moly!!! That is just awesome. As someone who has tried bead stitching and gave up after ooooh 10 minutes, I'm in awe over what you made. I hope I get to see it in person at some point!


  5. This is absolutely fabulous!! You really outdid yourself, Kristen! What a fantastic piece of jewelry! I love it!

  6. Kristen I love this!

    It's like a Tangerine Dream! You coordinated the colors perfectly...Orange is one of those colors that I have a very hard time with (and am working on a challenge with it right now!), but you managed to pull it off beautifully!

    And I love the gentle curves in the have made 'little girl ruffles' look very elegant and grown up!

  7. Once again, you've blown me away. This is so beautiful and such a great way to use those items. I love it, Kristen, and I'm so impressed by your creativity and beading skills!

  8. Wow Kristen, Your piece is beautiful! I love all of the ruffles and the colors are a perfect match to the clay flower pendant. You do amazing work.

  9. It looks to me like the brutally honest truth is that your piece just ROCKS!!!!!! You did such a stunning job, and I am soooooo glad you persevered and came up with the solutions you did - it's glorious!! You have to admit it - you're an artist yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It looks to me like the brutally honest truth is that your piece just ROCKS!!!!!! You did such a stunning job, and I am soooooo glad you persevered and came up with the solutions you did - it's glorious!! You have to admit it - you're an artist yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Well, you seriously need to be proud of yourself. What an original, stunning design. The ruffles turned out gorgeous, perfect touch to the pendant! Huge hugs!!

  12. You know I just love this piece. I like how it's different than anything else you've done. I like how you melded the textures and colors together. I love how the finished product turned out!! Beautiful! {Hugs!}

  13. Congratulations on your selection as part of the design team! I am so glad you're there to represent us seed beaders. :)

    The ruffles are gorgeous. I'm not big on pastels, but this totally works. It's so soft and delicate and feminine. It was fun comparing it to the other other design team creations.

    Love how you used the lampworked bead for the closure. A little secret special for the wearer and whomever helps her put it on (or take it off). :)


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